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Thread Spun

If you’re looking to browse boutique shops in Leucadia, be sure to check out
Thread Spun! Their sustainable clothing is made locally, and they donate 10% of
all proceeds to charity.  

Bing Surf Shop

Bing is one of Leucadia’s local surf shops. They have everything from surfboards
to beachwear. Known for their beautiful longboards, no Encinitas quiver is
complete without a board from Bing. 

The Aloha Bungalow

The Aloha Bungalow is a small boutique on the east side of the train tracks,
located along Vulcan Ave. This is a great place to find small gifts and locally
sourced items.  

Encinitas Surfboards

Located near the corner of Coast Highway 101 and Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas
Surfboards is a great place to find affordable wetsuits, surfboards, and

Coast Highway Trading

Coast Highway Trading is a great place to find items from over 20 small
businesses, local artisans and jewelers. You’ll find handmade items from all over
the world at this wonderful boutique.

Bliss 101

This boutique supports local photographers, artists, and jewelers with its array of
wall art, home decor and accessories. This is The Harth Team’s favorite spot to
pick out our city-themed client gifts.

Station Salon & Boutique

On the corner of E Street and Coast Highway, Station Salon & Boutique has a
great boutique at the front of their building that consists of clothes, accessories,
and hair/body care items.

Vuori Clothing

This is The Harth Team’s favorite clothing store for comfortable, everyday style!
Its high end workout and every day clothing consist of the softest and most
durable materials we have ever worn.


Grounded is a boutique home furniture store in The Lumberyard along Coast
Highway 101. Here you can find a variety of beautifully crafted modern
furnishings as well as everyday kitchen and household items. 

Salt Culture

Owned by the famous local surfer Rob Machado and his wife Sophie, Salt
Culture, is a globally inspired lifestyle boutique located in the heart of Encinitas.
Salt Culture carries an array of top fashion brands for women and men, unique
home decor, gifts and custom surfboards designed by Rob Machado.


Lolo is another great women’s boutique in Encinitas with all of the latest fashion

Hansen Surfboards

Hansen’s is the largest surf shop in Encinitas. Here they have surf-style and
snow sport clothing for all, as well as surfboards, wetsuits, shoes, accessories,
and much more! If you plan to hit the slopes and need to rent gear, be sure to
check out their seasonal Ski & Snow shop for the best rental gear options in


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